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How to Cook a Lobster Tail on the Grill

Yummmm, Lobster. Double Yummmmm, grilled Lobster Tail. Four easy steps to cooking great lobster on the grill.

How to Prepare a Lobster on the Grill

If you like outdoor cooking as much as I like outdoor cooking, eventually, you are going to want to cook a lobster on your grill.  At first, it may seem like a daunting task to grill a lobster, but making grilled lobster really is not a difficult task. If you can successfully grill steaks, burgers, chicken or pork chops, then you have the necessary skill set to make a fine grilled lobster.

How to Barbecue a Potato

There’s so much that you can cook on a barbecue grill and potatoes are no exception. Here’s my favorite way to barbecue a potato bar none.

5 Ways to Host a Backyard BBQ on a Budget

Want to throw a summertime party, but you’re pinching pennies? A backyard BBQ is both simple and budget friendly if you follow these 5 money saving tips…

How To Grill The Perfect Pork Chop in Five Easy Steps

The perfect pork chop. Everyone wants to grill the perfect pork chop. It really is not difficult to enter pork heaven.

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