Slow Cooked Coca-Cola Beef Brisket Sliders

Home Sausage Making

 Home sausage making can be quite enjoyable. You will find that making your own sausage will produce a better product at a cheaper price than you will find at the supermarket. There are a few key principles you must keep in mind if you want to make your own sausage at home.

The Smoky Jamaican Jerk Chicken Effect

The Jamaican jerk chicken is a dish to be relished to the heart’s content. Every bite in the smooth moist texture of the chicken pieces gives the utmost satisfaction. The smoky effect adds every bit to the flavor.

Basic Grilling Tips For The Beginner

Spring is finally here; time to start planning for the grilling season. If you are new to grilling, the idea of even starting the task can be daunting. However, grilling is not that difficult; just follow a few basic rules and you will be turning out mouth watering meals for friends and family.

Better Pulled Pork

I have spent several years learning how to great pulled pork on by barbecue pits.  When I first started cooking pork butts on my smoker my results were about the same as other folks were getting using crock pots. This was frustrating to me as I was doing so much more work but not getting better results.

Choose Your Charcoal Wisely

 When preparing barbecue the choice of fuel is very important. There is a standard debate about gas versus charcoal which receives considerable attention. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in there are even more choices to make.

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