Secret Guide to WINNING Competition Brisket! #bbqpitmastersofyoutube

Grill Like the Pros With BBQ Wood Chips

Dare to grill like the pros? Then be prepared to learn the art of grilling with wood chips to inject some serious mouth-watering flavor into your meats that’ll match up to what your favorite BBQ chefs have to offer in the toughest of competitions. It’s a little known secret of professional BBQ chefs that wood chips impart a very special flavor to the meat that charcoal or propane just can’t compete with.

Charcoal Smokers – 5 Important Points to Consider When Purchasing

Is deciding which charcoal smoker to buy giving you a hard time? Read on to learn about 5 important points to consider when buying one.

Healthy Grilling Ideas

One of the challenges with outdoor grilling is maintaining a healthy diet. There are plenty of healthy grilling alternatives that are absolutely delicious. The introduction of healthy grilled items will be welcomed by your guests if not for the nutritional considerations then for the creative change of pace.

Competition Style Barbecued Chicken

Have you ever wondered how competitive barbecue teams cook perfect chicken? It is a process that is quite involved but easily replicated by people grilling at home. Follow along and you too can be making competition quality chicken on your backyard grill.

Stop Bloody Chicken in Its Tracks

There are many wonderful things about outdoor grilling in the summer. Grilling is a great excuse to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Unfortunately there is a hideous creature that shows up during many grilling sessions that tries to ruin everything. This creature is the infamous piece of burnt and bloody chicken.

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