Texas Style Brisket Recipe with Houston Rodeo BBQ Champion Mark Lambert

Add Some Vegetarian BBQ Recipes to Your Menu

In the grilling season, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, pork chops and chicken rule many people’s outdoor menus since they are easy to make and delicious. But when you plan a cookout and vegetarians are on your guest list, having only salads as their alternatives and loads of meat on the grill simply won’t do, as it’s inconsiderate and rude. So if you want to be a great host, the next time you’re cooking out for both vegetarians and carnivores, you better do it right.

Grilling Tips – Secrets to the Best BBQ Rub

If majority of barbecued food comes out great after being marinated, and tastes a lot better when served with a good sauce, then the art of barbecuing is all about rubs and spices. The blend of spice flavors and aroma of herbs is a wonderful thing that enhances the flavor of the meat you are cooking. In fact, expert chefs sometimes place the meat over the coals for hours, or days of marinating in advance before cooking to allow the mixed blend of flavors to be absorbed by the meat.

So Why Is That Flavor Zone in My Grill?

Did you ever wonder what those flavor zone things are for anyway? This article helps solve the mystery of flavor zones and heat separator bars.

Marinades, Coatings and Butters for Your Barbequed Food

You can get some great flavours from your barbequed meat if you apply these three great techniques. Very simple to remember and apply when your preparing a barbeque. Marinades, coatings and butters can enhance you simple tasting meat which can impress your guests at your barbeque event.

Summary of the Barbeque Menu

Outlines some of the things that need to be considered when you are having a barbeque. Highlights some of the menu options and what to do with some of your food. Gives a classic burger recipe as a good example of what is possible for your menu.

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