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Now You’ve Got It Covered With A Weber Performer Grill Cover

Now you’ve got it covered! This heavy-duty vinyl Weber Performer grill cover is custom-designed to fit Performer grills from 2005 and newer.

Why Use Weber Grill Covers?

Weber Grill covers are attractive, custom-fitted, durable, and easy to use. When you choose the right grill cover, it will increase the life of your grill and make grilling enjoyable for the whole family.

Huli Huli Chicken

Straight from the Hawaiian islands it’s Huli Huli Chicken coming your way! Huli is the Hawaiian word for turn and Huli Huli Chicken has become legend in Hawaii where it is often sold at charity fundraisers. This article will show you how to do your own backyard version of this amazing dish.

How to Grill Delicious Veggies Your First Time

Grilling delicious veggies for the first time on the gas grill will be a delectable, lip-smacking experience with tender toasty mushrooms and yummy Vidalia onions dripping with butter and seasoning along with your tender juicy pork loins or other grilled meats. Their sweet and spicy aromas will tantalize your senses.

Natural Gas Grill Considerations

There are some important differences between propane grills and natural gas grills. This article will explore these differences.

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