How to Grill Lobster – Easy Tips for a Perfect Meal

Grilled lobster has a wonderful smoky flavor to it. It is also much more easy to eat than boiled lobster. Besides, it comes as a welcome change from grilling the same burgers, steaks, ribs and shoulders. Any BBQ enthusiast who appreciates some variety in his meals will love some grilled lobster.

How to Grill Filet Mignon – Tips to Grill the Most Expensive Cut of Meat

Filet Mignon. Before you can even think of grilling it, you have to wrap your tongue around the pronunciation of the name itself. What is it? Is it some mysterious meat, some strange, endangered animal? How do you grill filet mignon? Does it require hours upon hours of preparation? I’ll try to give answers to all these questions and more in this article.

How to Grill a Salmon – Simple Recipe That Anyone Can Follow

Most grill and BBQ enthusiasts are so obsessed with grilling steaks, ribs, briskets, etc. that they often forget that there are other meats that taste great too. Here, I will focus on how to grill a salmon – one of the best meats for the grill.

Weber Genesis 320: The Weber S320 Stainless Grill

Well folks, the summer grill season is looming around the corner here in North America and I thought I’d take a few moments to go over one of my favorites, the Weber Genesis 320. The Weber s320 Stainless steel grill occupies a nice little niche somewhere between “middle of the road” and “super nice”. Of course, the fact it is a Weber helps push it into the “super nice” category.

How To Perform A Safety Check On Your Weber S 320 Grill

The Weber S 320 Grill is a beautiful addition to any griller’s patio or deck. However, as with any type of grill, you need to make sure you perform routine maintenance to keep your grill in top condition. Read this article to find out more.

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