Brining Some Brisket!

The Best Grilled BBQ Pizza

Now that the pizza is ready for grilling, it’s now time to get our grill all set. The key to a really good grilled pizza is the heat of your grill. In most of my recipes I talk about how you should get your grill real hot and then turn it down before cooking. When grilling a pizza, it is a must to get the grill as hot as it can be, and then keep it hot. Once you open the lid of your grill, the heat will start to escape, so make sure your pizza is at arms length.

Who Invented the Barbeque?

Find out who invented the barbeque. The cooking method of barbequing is a slow cooking process of meat at low temperature over charcoal or wood. Often, it is confused with grilling, which uses high temperature and shorter cooking time, and can be used to cook meat, fruits and vegetables.

Tips On How To Get Started In Competition BBQ

The world of BBQ Cooking Contests is exciting, fascinating, fun.. and a lot of hard work. If you are interested in judging a BBQ contest or entering a BBQ Cooking Contest here are a few tips that will tell you how to take that first step… and even who you need to contact.

How Your BBQ Meat Can Get Tough When Smoking

When you take the time to understand HOW your meat cooks and the chemical processes that takes place inside that smoker – you will be much more prepared to produce the perfect finished BBQ product every single time. Knowing how to keep the temperature steady in your BBQ smoker will help you produce the perfect BBQ pork, brisket, ribs or whole hog every single time.

How To Smoke A Whole Turkey

If you really want to impress, smoke a turkey with this recipe. This smoked turkey will get eaten – long before the roasted turkey or the fried turkey will (or any other dish really). But I have to warn you… there won’t be many left-overs. so you might want to smoke 2 because it makes the best turkey sandwiches. We even like to give these smoked turkeys as gifts. For grandparents, bosses, and any other person that might be hard to shop for… this is a perfect gift that they will appreciate.

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