Salt, Pepper, Garlic, OP Texas style Brisket Rub

How to Make Perfect Grilled Pork Chops?

However cut selection in the right manner is the basic step for perfect grilling of pork chops. But there are lot many other cut selections which do not actually suit for high flames.

Hot Dogs – From Slur To Delicassy!

Hot dogs are part of the American culture. They are intertwined with a cultural phenomenon known as baseball. Eating a hot dog is the most American thing you can do.

Gas Vs Charcoal Grill – Which Is a Better Grill For You?

Looking for the perfect grill but you cannot figure out what kind of grill to buy? Read more to find out which is a better choice and why!

Barbeque – Tips for a Successful Barbecue

An outdoor activity is not limited to sports. People with different backgrounds and lifestyles, of all ages can participate in a barbeque. It is likely to be done in spring or summer and even in early fall, as long as it’s not freezing.

Practical Secrets To A Successful Fire For Your Charcoal Smoker

The fundamental secret to a successful fire is planning. Good fires do not just happen, they are made. What you will need to build the perfect fire is a chimney starter, fuel (hardwood, charcoal, or both), and either newspaper or lighter cubes. If you are using newspaper, crumple two full sheets and stuff into the bottom of the chimney starter. If you prefer lighter cubes (my personal preference) just place one under the chimney starter. Fill the chimney with fist-sized chunks of hardwood, or charcoal, then light the newspaper or lighter cube. When the wood chunks are glowing embers, or the charcoal is covered in gray ash, dump the chimney contents in the firebox.

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