Aaron Franklin’s Brisket Secret Ingredient – Wagyu Beef Tallow Brisket

Tips For Grilling Wild Alaska Seafood on the Plank

In olden times, you knew you were in trouble if a ship captain ordered you to walk the plank, but today the connotation has shifted. Instead of walking the plank at sea, chefs are talking about grilling seafood on the plank, a tradition for centuries in Alaska communities.

Prepping Your Summer Grill For Alaska Seafood

If you only think of the grill as a place to cook hamburgers and hot dogs, you are doing yourself and your family a grave injustice. There ought to be a healthy dose of Alaska seafood every time you go about firing up the grill, not just for nutrition’s sake, but also for the sake of variety and flavor.

Outdoor Grills – Buying Guide

What better way to spend the weekend than to have friends and family around, a few beers, and a hot grill churning out delicious food? Few American traditions are more loved than the Sunday morning BBQ, and rightfully so – it promotes the idea of community, gets one outside in the fresh air, and arguably, cooking can be quite therapeutic.

Direct Grilling Vs Indirect Grilling – Which is the Best?

Find out today which between direct and indirect grilling is the best method of grilling. Know more about these grilling methods.

Large Grill Cover

So you’ve finally got the grill of your dreams after hours of hunting and spending hundreds of dollars. But do you know that without the proper grill cover, your investment could easily malfunction or get damaged within a few months? This is especially true for large outdoor grills that need the perfect cover to protect them from all sorts of damage.

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