How to make a Competition BBQ Brisket Entry Box and get some trophys!

King Salmon Is Back

Over the past several years, due to overfishing and stresses to the environment, the Salmon population along the west coast had been decimated. Now the popular fish is back.

Superb Dishes Made With Food Smokers

The key to wonderful food has been a long stored secret. Our forefathers have used a special techniques and processes that not simply keep the quality of protein in meat such as sides because sides of ground beef, ham, fowl and fish. This upkeep process has benefits.

The Different Models Of Weber One Touch Kettle Grills

For nearly fifty years, the Weber company has been synonymous with long-lasting American-made barbecue grills. However, one old standby that hasn’t changed much is the Weber kettle grill.

Pool Party and Grilled Lunch

Summer is almost here and everyone is anxious to hit the swimming pool. If you like to entertain you can plan a pool party and serve a grilled luncheon. In fact, have several pool parties. You can invite your neighbors to one party, your best friends to another party, your children’s friends and their parents, family, etc.

Poker Grilling Party

You and your buddies like to get together once a month to play poker. It is a great time to share comradery and catch up with each other. After a month long worth of stressful work it is a welcome outing. Throw the perfect poker party with these tips. Recipe included!

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