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What You Need to Know About Using BBQ Marinades

Take your barbecue and grilling skills to a new level by learning how to make marinades for the food you cook on your bbq grill. By using your own bbq marinades you can not only produce lots of exciting and different food flavors, but also ensure that your barbecued food is more pleasant and healthy to eat. This article will introduce you to the different types of bbq marinade you can use and outline the steps you should follow for successful marinating. It will also point out some of the mistakes commonly made when making and using bbq marinades.

How to Look for the Best Caterer for Your BBQ Grilling Party

BBQ grills, drinks, food and guests – these make a successful outdoor barbecue grilling party. But, you can make this better with the help of the right caterer. Read this article to find out tips on how to choose the right catering company for your BBQ party.

Gas Grill Safety – ESPN’s Hannah Storm Seriously Burned in a Propane Gas Grill Accident

ESPN’s Hannah Storm was seriously injured a few weeks ago when the flame on her gas grill went out and exploded in a “wall of fire” when she tried to relight the grill. She suffered second degree burns to her chest and hands and first-degree burns to her face and neck. One should always be mindful that you can get burned when grilling and you should always be thinking of gas grill safety.

How to Choose the Right Charcoal Grill

To succeed at grilling people two basic things that people essentially require are fire and dependable equipment. While people can easily get the fire they need however choosing the right charcoal grill is not an easy task. Not only do people want their grills to be practical but long lasting as well and finding such a grill can be quite difficult.

Perfect BBQ Pork Ribs

The perfect pork ribs are yours for the making! Read on for BBQ tips and tricks.

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