Mama and Papa Joe’s IBCA Competition Brisket Prep

Guide To BBQ Spare Parts

Portable barbecue grills can last a lifetime if properly maintained and cared for after they have been used, but we all know that it’s not a perfect world and we don’t always do the things we are supposed to, so what can you do if your barbecue gets into bad shape? Well, fear not as most parts on your grill are replaceable and can easily be changed and fixed. So how do you know if your barbecue needs new parts?

Choose a BBQ Wood to Enhance the Flavor of Your Grilling

If you have ever had great barbecue, then you know that it has a unique flavor that can only be enhanced by its slow cooking as well as the aromatic BBQ wood that is used in the process. There are a number of different types of wood that can be used for barbecuing and the type selected has a direct impact on the finished taste of any meat that is smoked with it.

Ways To Enjoy Patio Grilling

There are different ways to enjoy patio grilling and you don’t have to panic now. Patio is an important extension of your home wherein you can hold various family activities and even parties. It can be styled the way you want.

Drunken Hot Wings

On your next drunken chicken outing you might want to try something a little different with your the wings and legs of your bird. If your a big hot wing or buffalo wing fan here’s a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste of hot wings without dragging out the fryer and oil. Start with the wings and legs of your chicken.

Grill Daddy Brush Company Introduces Its Latest Invention – The Grill Daddy Heat Shield

Tired of burned hands and singed hair on your arms after barbecuing? Now you can grill in comfort, even with today’s over-sized grills. Grill Daddy’s new Heat Shield BBQ tools include a spatula, fork and tong that are all equipped with unique heat shield swivels to protect your hand at all times.

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