Deep Fried BRISKET!!!! {Tasty Tuesday} Better than Smoked!!!

The Best Use For Avocado In Cooking

Thankfully gone are the days of avocado in prawn cocktail but how do you best use avocado in cooking. I have a great idea but first of all your avocado must be ripe so let me take you through the process for perfect cooked avocado.

Why I Prefer To Smoke Food Using Propane Gas

You could choose electricity, charcoal or gas to heat your smoker. Here’s why I prefer gas although it still isn’t the perfect solution and there are some downsides too.

The Disadvantages Of Portable Electric Smokers

The one single biggest advantage of the portable electric smoker is that it is really cheap to buy and some results from it aren’t bad. It is however not a flexible as first envisages and it’s limitations are driven by the low cost construction.

Tips For Using A Brine Pump

A brine pump is a useful instrument in the armory of the home smoker enthusiast however it must he used in the correct way to get the best results and most importantly maintain hygiene. Here’s the way to do it.

How To Make Pastrami

Pastrami is not made from pork but beef and it became very popular in the Jewish delicatessens all over Europe and as people emigrated to the United States so it found its way there. Today it’s available almost anywhere and I dare say that the humble origins are all but forgotten.

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