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How to Replace Burners on a Weber Grill

Need to replace the burners on your Weber grill? Find out how to quickly troubleshoot your grill for problems with the burners and install new Weber grill parts quickly and easily.

Barbecue For a Crowd – 7 Top Tips For When You Need To Barbecue For a Crowd of People

Barbecue cooking for a crowd of people can be difficult with many people wanting food at the same time and with a limited amount of grilling space. Planning well beforehand can go a long way to making your job a lot easier. Here are 7 fool proof tips to get you well on your way to a successful barbecue.

BBQ Is More Than a Meal, It Is a Taste of the United States!

Few restaurants can offer the variety offered in any BBQ restaurant. It offers a peek into different cuisines from around the United States. Read more…

Adventure and Excitement in Hawaii

The Pacific Ocean tropics beckon visitors towards Hawaii from around the world. Tourists eagerly anticipate the surfing and swimming easily available in a tour across the ocean. A luau is a tradition that is not to be missed when traveling to the stunning Hawaiian Islands. At home it is a challenge to find all the spit roast parts so that an ordinary hunk of meat can be prepared for an outdoor meal. The traditional luau pit where the pork is cooked with banana leaves, river rocks and water for steam involves a search for other supplies. The benefit is that someone else has to do it.

Grills for Sale – Buying Tips When Shopping For A New Grill

Have you made the decision to purchase a new Grill and are you looking at grills for sale in your local area or online? With so much choice and price differences how do you know which is the right grill for you? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before going out and making that grill purchase.

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