How To | Prep a Brisket for Smoking

Super Bowl Sundae

Are you looking for something to WOW your Super Bowl guests? This Super Bowl Sundae, fresh off your grill, is sure to make a lasting impression. Be “King of the Grill” when you serve this for dessert on Sunday.

Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill – Is It Suited For Your Needs?

The Weber One Touch Gold charcoal grill is among the trendiest of Weber range products in the market at the moment. These grills are among the original products in the category to be made by the Weber Corporation. It has all the contemporary features inclusive in it. These features set a wide distance between this kettle and the variety that was available in the market 40 years back.

A Weber Grill Is Mandatory For Those That Enjoy Grilling

My parents are Argentinean. I do not have to tell you how important a good barbecue is for them. It is not only national pride, but also part of their heritage to make the best stakes known to humankind. That’s why having the best barbecue grill is essential if not mandatory.

5 Best Tips for Food Safety

Eating healthy involves that food served on the table passed food safety requirements. From purchase to preparation to cooking to storage, here’s the list for handling food with care and competence.

Tips For A Great Barbeque

My husband loves a good barbeque. He says there’s nothing better than the taste of that has been cooked outdoors and I have to admit that I agree with him on that point. But what I like most about cooking on a braai is a) there are no cooking pots to wash afterwards and b) I can sit back and relax while my hubby does all the work. A barbeque is the one meal he will not let me prepare, saying I overcook the meat whereas he knows how to get it just right.

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