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Grilling With Bacon

Do you love bacon? Bacon could be one of your favorite foods, if not your number one food. There are many foods you can add bacon to for an extra added flavor.

Grilling Good-Bye Party – Moving

Sadly you just found out that your neighbor is moving. You know how lucky you are to have such a great neighbor. You and your neighbor got along great. Since your neighbor is moving you want to do something special. You can have a grilling good-bye party for both of your families to get together.

Grilling at the Local Park With Friends

You and your friends can have a cookout at your local park. Bring the kids so that they can have fun outdoors playing with each other. Each family can bring a different meat and a dish to pass. You may want to make a list of which family is bringing what so that there is not a lot of the same foods.

Grilling: Send Off Your Soldier

You want to do something special on your child’s last full day home. You may want to spend it as an immediate family alone or you may want to throw a big grilling party for your solider. Invite family, friends and co-workers.

Columbus Day Grill Out – Treasure Hunt!

Are you looking for an excuse to get together with all of your family and/or friends? You could throw a Columbus Day Grill Out. Cook a lot of fun foods on the grill. Serve refreshing beverages. You can honor Columbus with a fun get together.

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