DIY: How to make a Killer Brisket Rub!

Summer Grillin’

Everyone knows that summertime means one thing: it’s grillin’ season. This summer is supposed to be a hot one, meaning that people will probably be out on their grills almost every day. If you do not own a grill, this is the perfect time to buy one.

Grilling Accessories

A partial list of some of the Grilling Accessories that every backyard Pit Master should have on hand. This may include the obvious to some handy gadgets.

How A New Technology Has Created A 50% Juicier Steak

New grilling technology from Char-Broil has revolutionized the gas grill. Informative article about Tru-Infrared grills from Char-Broil.

Don’t Get Burned: Advice for First Time Grill Buyers

Six tips for the first time purchaser of a gas grill should consider before diving in. Remember, a good grill represents a substantial investment-one you’ll lose money on if you only use the grill once or twice before shoving it into the corner, never to be touched again.

Charcoal Rails

Summer time is here and many people enjoy the chance to go outside and BBQ. There is something special about grilling outdoors. Perhaps, it is the fresh air, or the glow of a fire, or the gathering of friends and family.The use and placement of Charcoal Rails in a BBQ Grill can enhance that experience.

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