Hump Day BBQ Chat – Happy Thanksgiving Eve

How to Use a Grilling Plank

A grilling plank is a piece of wood used to grill food on. They are most commonly used for fish, but some meats can be cooked on them as well. Grilling planks are made from a variety of woods, and impart unique aromas and flavors to the food.

Smoking With a Gas Grill

Smoking food is no longer reserved for those of us with charcoal grills, or dedicated smokers. Just because you only have a gas grill doesn’t mean you can’t smoke with it. I’ll show you how to easily smoke with a gas grill.

How to Grill Peppers in 6 Easy Steps

Roasted peppers are probably my favorite grilled vegetable. Grilled peppers turn out soft and sweet, with a slightly smoky character. I love them as is, with a bit of olive oil, but they can also be added to other dishes to provide a sweet, smoky character.

How to Grill a Turkey

Grilling a turkey is simple and delicious. It just makes sense to grill a turkey. Your oven and kitchen are already busy multitasking every other dish and side you are making for your feast, so take that turkey outdoors and throw it on the grill.

The 5 Essentials For Grilling Perfect Fish

Grilling fish is one road many grillers do not want to go down. Many have gone down the road to only to find disaster and vowing never to venture down that path again. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

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