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Barbecue Tool Set – Grill Like a Master!

To make the upcoming grilling season your best one till date, what you need the most is a good barbecue tool set. This can really make your season shine. Barbecuing can be quite a high for most of us and the best way to spend your day.

Grill Seasoning Tips – Home Made is Healthier Than Bottle, Make Your Own

You want to go barbecuing, therefore you start preparing. The list in your mind or on your paper should include the grill, the meat, the corn on the cob if you are in love with it, and of course the grill seasoning. Some people prefer to grill their meat after having added to it only pepper and salt as the flavor of grill seasoning mixtures takes the deliciousness of the barbecue away, they say. Others however, can not have a barbecue without the grill seasoning as, having gotten used to it, they consider the meat cooked without it tasteless.

How to Smoke Barbecue on a Kettle Grill

Creating good smoked barbecue is not rocket science but it does take a little knowledge on the proper way to smoke meat. Creating good smoked barbecue also does not require a fancy smoker to get the job done. It can be done successfully on a regular, everyday kettle grill.

Grilled Chicken – Do I Marinade, Baste Or Smoke?

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats you can put on the grill or in the smoker. Easy to cook and capable of taking on almost any flavor, it also has the added attraction of being low fat and able to take most any seasoning.

Grills Outdoor Cooking – Tips To Enhance Food Flavor

Outdoor cooking is not only a great experience, but it also enhances the flavor of your food. See how!

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