Easy slow-cooked Guinness brisket, recipes

Good Barbecue Can Use Foil

There are many disputed topics in the world of barbecue and one of them concerns wrapping meat in aluminum foil while it is cooking. One barbecue legend has named the practice of using aluminum foil as the “Texas Crutch” implying that folks from Texas are such poor cookers that they have to rely upon gimmicks and tricks to produce decent food. The main argument against using aluminum foil is that it is not traditional.

10 Reasons To Have A Barbeque Today

Want to enjoy the weather? Want to spend more time with friends and family? Find out why you should have a barbeque today.

Lebanese Hamburgers

I am of Lebanese American descent. I have fond summer memories of my Uncle grilling hamburgers on his little Hibachi grill. These were the most flavorful hamburgers in the world!

Unfolding the Little Girdle of Mexican Fajita at a Food Kiosk

Fajita is a dish consisting of strips of marinated meat, poultry, or vegetables that are grilled over an open fire wrapped in a soft tortilla, usually with spicy condiments. It is often served with sour cream.

Are Infrared BBQ Grills Any Good?

This question must have crossed many a mind at least once. This is a new concept in barbeque cooking which is gaining in popularity. With summer approaching and great weather outdoors is an excellent opportunity for barbeque lovers to enjoy a good grill in their backyards.

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