How to Smoke Turkey Breast: Only FOUR INGREDIENTS (Texas Style Recipe)

Grilling Turkey Tips – How To Cook A Moist Turkey On A Grill

Grilling turkey is a lot of fun and a great break from a traditional oven roasted turkey. If you use the right technique, grilling turkey will produce a wonderfully delicious, juicy bird. Here are a few tips and techniques you should use to ensure great results.

How To Safely Change The Propane Tank Of Your Gas Grill

Changing your gas grill propane tank has to be done carefully to avoid mishaps. Learn the proper procedure in changing propane tank.

Go For The Thrill Of The Grill!

There’s no scientific proof for it but many wives are convinced that their husbands’ penchant for firing up the outdoor grill is a throwback to prehistoric times. The only problem is that once beyond hot dogs and hamburgers, the thrill of the grill can be lost without the cook’s attention to some basic facts of grilling meat properly. First, remember that grilling is a quick cooking process.

Best BBQ Sauce: The Flavor Is in Your Creativity

Making the best BBQ sauce is up to you. There are a few basic steps to making your own BBQ sauce and then its up to your imagination where it goes from there.

It’s Grilling Time

Everybody loves a barbecue party on a Sunday. The best thing about having a barbecue party is that it’s a get together with family and friends over some grilled food, sodas and beer. You can spice up your Sunday activity by selecting a theme. It is different in different parts of the region. Choose a theme and carry it through from backyard decorations to food preparations. Say you want to have a Texas-style BBQ, go over the top by buying rhinestone cowboy accessories and Lone Star decorations. If the Deep South is more of your feel, you can hang a tire swing from a sturdy tree branch in your backyard and iced cold tea in jelly jars from your Amana refrigerator.

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