Competition Brisket Throwdown [Wagyu vs Prime vs Choice, Select] w/ Harry Soo |Comparison Experiment

Gas Smoker Information

Are you a barbecue person? Do you like smoking your food? Do you hate cleaning the ashes after cooking?

10 Tips on How to Grill Almost Anything

Grilling is a universal way of cooking food. Wherever you go and whatever you plan on doing, every culture and country will have their own version of grilled dishes that will surely entice you to eat more.

Electric Smokers – Healthy and Versatile Cooking Units

Electric smokers are considered healthy and reliable cooking devices suitable for both residential and commercial needs. These units primarily consist of different temperature controls vital to cook various types of meat, fish and vegetables.

Global BBQ Cultures

While many regional cultures have made claim to inventing barbecue its invention most likely originated with the discovery by cavemen how to make fire. Some may argue that BBQ and grilling are 2 different things but I think there is more to learn and more flavors to enjoy when the term is simpler – meat, spice, fire.

Char-Grilled or Grill-Charred?

Murphy’s Law rears it’s ugly head again. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

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