Competition Brisket Trim

Charcoal Chimney Starter

A charcoal chimney starter is one of the most innovative options to get your coals hot and ready to start your grilling! A charcoal chimney starter is cylindrical in shape and has a thermoplastic handle to ensure safety from burns. It works like this…

Choosing The Best Indoor Grill

Choosing the best indoor grill cannot be done by looking at it alone. There have been many fires caused by grilling food inside, this is the reason it was not recommended in the past. Moving cooking equipment outside is hard and time consuming, but now indoor grills have advanced and become safer to use while providing the same quality cooked foods.

A Tasty Treat Through Contact Grilling

Grilling is a form of cooking in which dry heat is applied to the food either from above or below or both. The significant amount of direct, and radiant heat is used in grilling. This method is adopted for the faster cooking of meat or other food items. The heat transfer using a contact grill is by direct conduction.

Electric Smoker Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Electric Smokers

Electric smokers, some better than the others, are everywhere on the market nowadays, so it is understandable why choosing one may come as a challenge. The following lines will give you an insight on the features you should be looking for. And to spice up things even more, we have included the golden rule of smoking, meant to help you enhance the taste and the flavor of your smoked products.

Shrimp: Preparing And Grilling

The article explains a few different ways to prepare shrimp and provides instructions for grilling with the shells left on. Instructions include also: how to remove the shrimp head, how to remove the shell, and how to remove the shrimp vein.

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