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Weber Genesis Grill Parts and Their Uses

This article takes an in-depth look at all the parts included in the Weber Genesis grill. This is useful if you ever find the need to replace any of the parts.

Cooking a Steak on the Gas Grill

I consider cooking steak an art form. The key to an excellent steak on the grill is to know how it cooks. This takes time and trial and error.

Understanding Weber Propane Grill Parts

This article takes an in-depth look at several Weber propane grill parts. After reading it, you’ll be more familiar with the components that make up your grill so you can make more educated purchasing decisions when it comes time to replace your grill parts.

Gas Grilling Secrets

Once you have the perfect grill bought, now you must assemble it and set it up. “Wow, I thought I was done after I got it put together”, you are probably saying. Yes, You could be, the grill manufacturer has supplied you with a “flavorite” plate for over the burners.

Southern Barbeque Sauce – The Best in BBQ Sauces

Southern barbeque sauce is popular in the Southern states of USA, from where it gets its name. The article below will explain how.

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