Competition Brisket Secrets

Tips For Using a Smoker

Using a smoker for the first time needn’t be a daunting prospect. Whilst I would agree that there is a skill to any style of cooking and smoking is different, to learn the basiscs is relatively simple. Once done you will be able to achieve good food though you might need a few more years experience to master the art.

Jack Daniels Drunken Chicken

Beer can chicken has become one of the most popular ways to cook chicken on the grill. I have tried numerous recipes and one of the most delicious recipes is my Jack Daniels Drunken Chicken recipe. In this article I will share with you a step by step process on how to successfully make a Jack Daniels Drunken Chicken.

Points To Consider When Choosing The Best Indoor Grill

It is very hard to tell what the best indoor grill is simply by having a look at it. Grilling never used to be popular because of safety issues, people didn’t want to put themselves at risk. Before indoor grilling became popular, people used to move their cooking appliances outside when they needed to grill some food.

How to Cook Beer Can Chicken on a Gas Grill

Cooking beer can chicken on a propane grill is one of the easiest ways to prepare a drunken chicken. The consistency of heat on a gas grill is perfectly suited for this style of “Q’ing” The most important thing to remember when preparing your beer can chicken on a gas grill is to keep your heat indirect. Most propane pits have three burners so it is important to place the dish in the middle of the two burners that are lit.

Fry Your Way to Turkey Heaven

When you use a Butterball turkey fryer you can cook the most delicious and mouth-watering turkey imaginable. It makes the most amazing turkeys that stay extremely moist in the inside, yet golden and crispy on the outside.

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