Grill a Perfect Turkey Cheeseburger with this One Secret Ingredient

Cooking Tips For Your NFL Grill

Tailgating is a very popular activity at college and pro football games. It is not uncommon to see hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people playing games, enjoying a cool beverage and grilling out on their NFL grills in the parking lots of these games. It’s a great way to support your favorite team while having the time of your life. The question is… What should you grill?

Small Grills Make Family Getaways Delicious

Have you ever been on an afternoon or weekend getaway with the family to either a local sporting event or a state park and wanted to eat a good meal? Bringing along a small grill may just be the answer. There are a multitude of new small grills on the market that provide a delicious family meal just like you’d have at home right in the backyard.

Making Tailgating Delicious With a Portable Grill

Parking lot parties at sporting events have become a huge phenomenon in recent years. Nowadays there are portable grills specifically designed for tailgating including some that actually mount to the trailer hitch of your truck or SUV.

Take the Party With You With a Tailgate Grill

Have you ever wished you could have a nice juicy steak right there at the ball field or at your neighbors bonfire party? Well your prayers have finally been answered because now you can bring your grill along for the ride.

Tailgating Grills From Mild to Wild

Tailgating at sporting events has become hugely popular in recent years. There are a few necessities required for a pleasant tailgating experience. One of those necessities is a tailgating grill.

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