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Barbeque Chicken – Tips To Make Delicious Barbeque Chicken

For make a very delicious barbeque chicken the best way is to add a specific sauce and make same preparation process for barbeque. Different methods can be used to get the chicken ready for the barbeque. One method is to marinate the chicken in a flavored sauce such as lemon pepper or teriyaki which will be better described in this article.

Barbecue Smoker Maintenance Guide For Extended Use

There are several things that you need to get into the habit of doing with your new barbecue smoker so that it will last for many years. Some smokers and grills are a significant investment for the backyard barbecue enthusiast, and a good, quality smoker needs to serve the family as long as possible. Follow these simple barbecue smoker maintenance tips for extended use to get the best use out of your barbecue smoker.

Top 10 Features Of The Best Barbecue Smokers

There are almost as many models of smokers to choose from as there are people who want to buy them. There is a lot of room for personal preference when you are choosing your new smoker. But a few things are absolute must haves. These top 10 features of the best barbecue smokers will help you select a quality smoker within your own personal preferences.

Grilling Tips – How to Grill Tilapia Perfectly

Tilapia is a tender fish. It has a firm flesh that does not easily flake off when grilled. It is one of the easiest fishes to grill making it very much in demand in the world market. Tilapia is also one of my favorite fishes to prepare and since I like it perfectly-grilled, I always brush a little olive oil around it before putting on the grill.

Cook And Eat Outdoors

In Australia eating outdoors or ‘alfresco’ is the norm. They have the ideal climate most of the year but there is no reason why we shouldn’t all dine outside.

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