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Barbecue Grills – Get Out of the Kitchen

When the sun starts knocking off the chill of winter, the aroma coming from barbecue grills throughout your neighborhood intensifies the desire to return to the great outdoors with our cooking. Whether it is for that quick grilling of steaks and burgers or the more low heat smoking of ribs or brisket, there is just no match for that smoky barbecued flavor that comes from your favorite charcoal BBQ grill.

Grilling Foods – Low Fat Vs High Fat Marinates

It is important to marinate the right meat in the right sauce! Learn a bit about which meat to marinate in which sauces.

Baking With Your Grill

Anyone that has ever had a power outage for a long period knows how handy your outdoor grill can be. You don’t need to have a power outage to bake on your grill. If you know any Boy Scouts,they can teach you how to bake a cake over an open fire pit with a traditional dutch oven with a flanged lid.

Outdoor Gas Grill For Backyard Cooking

Cooking at your lawn can really be fun, remember those days when your Dad will just pull the grill he invented from metal scraps and make barbeques or grilled some burgers for your dinner? It was surely awesome, spending the night with your whole family and friends, and cooking and having fun just outside you house at the same time.

What is Needed to Get a Grill Going?

You need three things for your grill to work: Gas, Oxygen, and a Spark. These are three essential things in getting your grill up and going.

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