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Hurricane Chris Definitely Headed for Gulf of Mexico

Unfortunately it appears that in fact Hurricane Chris is definitely headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Although nothing to do with the weather is set in stone, as the storm could hit Cuba or South Florida and weaken. However, even if that storm’s energy hits land prior to entering the Gulf of Mexico, this does not mean that energy will not regroup and go again.

NCAA Football Futures – 3 Conference Champions

Big 12
Nebraska Cornhuskers
11 to 2 Head coach Bill Callahan arrived in Lincoln three seasons ago ready to return the Cornhuskers to a national power while bringing the West coast offense to the heartland. Surprisingly enough it might be the Huskers defense that wins them their first Big 12 championship since 1999. Last year’s defensive unit was ranked in the top 10 nationally after recording 50 sacks and 140 tackles for a loss. This year’s squad will be very experienced led by the return of defensive ends Adam Carriker and Jay Moore. Of course the offense will still need to put points on the board to win games and it should be ready to do so.

An Introduction To LCD Projectors

A projector is an apparatus for presenting an enlarged image on a screen from a transparency such as a photographic slide or a film. In a motion picture projector, each frame is held stationary at an illuminated aperture for a brief period, and then advanced by an intermittent sprocket or reciprocating claw, the light being cut off by a rotating shutter during the movement. The sound track on the film is reproduced at a separate sound head where the film is moved continuously at a constant speed.

Customizing Your Ringtones

Why do we really need to personalize our ringtones? Here are some benefits of having your own ringtones customized…

Soap Making: Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

When making soap, you can choose to scent with essential oils or fragrance oils. But what are the differences between the two? This article will explain the difference.

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