Grill Sergeant live…Frozen Texas Edition

Tips For Cleaning Your Gas Grills Quickly and Safely!

Last month a friend of mine applied sprayed on oven cleaner, but while trying to rinse it off outdoor with the water hose, the grass died. That puts forth a question to how safe it is to use these oven cleaners.

For Quick Meat Grilling Get a Portable Gas Grill

Have you ever been to a tailgate party at a football game? We have a tradition of going to one with some friends of ours before every game. It’s a very elaborate event. There aren’t just a few snacks, there are tons of little snacks, breakfast foods, hot dogs, hamburgers, whatever you can imagine. It’s quite a feast.

Secrets of Grill and Poultry Seasonings

Whether you are a connoisseur of gourmet meats or just an ordinary person who likes his food to taste really good and to whom eating must always be a delight of senses – of all senses – you will always appreciate a tender loin chop or a steak, poultry or fish. The truth , unfortunately, is that the best and tastiest meat is the meat that has the most fat as the flavour, most of it, comes from the fat, actually. A healthy alternative is represented by rabbit meat, which is an extremely lean, low fat, white meat; rabbit meat …

More About Charcoal and Lighting Charcoal-Powered Grills

Using charcoal is the traditional way of making barbecues. It is not only all natural, it is also very simple. However, it takes time to light this, paving the way for the production of briquettes.

Grilling Year Round – Useful Hints and Tips

Grilling can be just as fun and exciting for kids as well as adults. There are things you need to consider when having some barbecue.

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