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How To Host the Perfect BBQ

Are you looking to throw the Perfect BBQ? Then follow these simple steps!

What Is It About Rotisserie?

There are many ways to cook food. A few people boil, few fry and a few grill their food. There are many other ways to cook as well, like steaming, sauteing, baking, braising, poaching and roasting. While each type is associated with a distinctive style of cooking, one of the more popular methods is roasting. This is perhaps the earliest type of cooking known to man, since it’s basically just putting food on a stick and letting it cook slowly over a fire. The early man most probably started the origins of roasting, by putting meat he killed on a stick, and putting it over a fire. This scene reminds us mostly of camping nights, where campers roast food over fire, as it is the easiest thing to do. Well, roasting has evolved over time, and many variants of roasting now exist. One of them is rotisserie.

Recipe of the Week

Barbecue’d Pork Ribs: I’ve decided to make Thursday a weekly recipe day – and for the “maiden voyage” I’m choosing our bbq’d pork ribs – Silver style.

Using Your Local BBQ Restaurant to Cater Your Next Big Bash

You have invited dozens of friends over for your big summer blowout but realize you are now going to be too busy cooking to enjoy the party yourself. Instead of working all day, why not have the event catered by a BBQ restaurant? Read more…

Apartment/Condo Grilling

There are a lot of perks for living in an apartment, but certainly on the flip side of that token, there are just as many drawbacks. While it’s nice living in an area that’s safe and houses what you need without having to worry about mortgages, property taxes, your own personal upkeep, it’s also just as bothersome listening to neighbors stomp around above your head, the cramped spaces, and listening to other people’s arguments through the paper-thin walls that separate you from another family. But there are more perks…

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