Slow cooker BBQ brisket

Choosing the Right Olive Oil for Your Marinade

Olive oil is a staple in lots of marinade recipes, but people generally don’t give much thought to which olive oil their choosing to use. Like vinegar, different olive oils have different flavors and qualities and your marinade can gain an extra layer of flavor from picking the right one. You wouldn’t use apple cider vinegar for a recipe that calls for balsamic, and choosing the right olive oil can make the same difference.

A Cheater’s Guide To BBQ Smoke Rings

The smoke ring is a coveted barbecue phenomenon. A luscious pink edge that boarders the outside of the meat. Pit masters use it as a sign of true craftsmanship. Here’s the trick to perfecting your barbecue smoke ring.

Quick Guide to Good Charcoal BBQ Grilling Techniques

BBQ Grilling is one of the best and most rewarding ways of preparing fast food at home. When grilling is carried out correctly it’ll produce delicious barbecue meals very quickly. When cooking beef, lamb, pork or fowl grilling will produce a seared crust over the meat’s exterior. This crust seals in the juices of the food and can produce the most fantastic tastes. his article describes the five main steps of good grilling technique and provides some tips to make sure that your grilling produces the very best results.

Easy Grilling at the Comfort of Your Kitchen: Minden Anytime Grill

Nothing beats the taste of grilled food and the way it brings back good backyard barbecuing memories. On the other hand, grilling is not easy for busy working people. Setting up the grill and cleaning all the mess after can a big hassle for those who do not have much time.

Pig Roasting Tips and Necessities

There are many different pig roasting methods you can use to cook a whole hog. Read this article to find out which pig roast technique works best for you!

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