Grill Sergeant Q&A…Live!

Safe Grilling Tips

Outdoor grilling is one of America’s favorite past times. Although it is a great way to spend the afternoon outdoors and enjoy some great food, it can also be dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not taken or understood.

Grill Maintenance Tips

Too many people buy a new grill only to find it is not working properly after a short period of time. Usually the problem is not with the grill but with the lack of grill maintenance by the owner.

How to Grill the Perfect Beer Bratwurst

In my experience, the secret is simply patience. How long to grill bratwurst depends on how you grill them. You can throw them straight on the grill which will take about 25-30 minutes or boil the brats in beer, wine or water for about 20 minutes. After boiling, then they are grilled for 4-6 minutes.

How to Grill Barbecue Ribs

Grilling can be grueling and keeping ribs tender can be tough. But these barbecuing tips can help turn any cookout into a standout.

A Weber Grill Guide to Great Cooking

There are two methods that you can use when you want to cook with your Weber grill: the direct and indirect methods. Knowing when and how to use each method is important if you want to get the best grilled results.

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