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How to Cook Whole Chicken in a Barbecue Oven

So how do you cook whole chicken in a barbecue oven? Is it any different than cooking it in a traditional convection oven? Sure is. And we’re going to share a few tips with you to make sure your chicken barbecues up just right!

Grilled Salmon Recipes For Your Family to Enjoy

Whether you are in the mood for salads or a main course there is a Grilled Salmon Recipe to suit your palate, day or night. Grilled Salmon is a healthy and delicious addition to any recipe, especially when using fresh, wild, and sustainable Alaskan Salmon.

Grilling Salmon – Your Ticket to Great Taste

Because of Salmon’s fat content; it is the perfect fish for grilling, as it will not dry out like other fish. There are few foods whose inherent flavor is equally matched by its inherent nutrition; grilled salmon is one such food. With very little preparation-a touch of lemon, a spoonful of olive oil, a spring of rosemary-grilling salmon brings out the rich textured flavor of the fish, without depleting it of its notorious nutritional value.

Preparing Your Cedar Plank For Grilling

Grilled salmon is a summer favorite, but truly fresh salmon can be quite delicate, with a tendency to flake apart the moment you try to turn it or take it off the grill. This is a sign of quality, but can be frustrating for the grill master. The simple solution is to use cedar planks for grilling.

An Elegant Summer Dinner Party – Grilling Wild Alaska Seafood

Wild Alaska seafood is not only healthy and pure, it’s also a great way to kick off the summer in style. Summer is often a time when many head off to the beaches to soak in the sun and enjoy giant platters of fresh seafood. However, not everyone can indulge in that luxury.

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