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How to Clean Your Grill

Great grilling begins with a clean grill, just as a painter begins with a fresh canvas. Your meal won’t taste the absolutely best after it’s been cooked on top of last week’s charred BBQ. Here are a few ways to efficiently clean your grill and attain the delicious flavors in your meals.

The Weber Genesis E320 Grill Plus Other Great Options

There may be nothing at all greater than grilling an evening meal just for family and friends outdoors. Barbecuing imparts superb flavors to almost any type of meat which suits the situation such as chicken, steak, fish or turkey. There are actually so many styles and makes of barbeques that it can be tough to decide which one can be right to suit your needs.

When Outside Isn’t an Option – Indoor Grilling

Indoor Grilling is an easier, safer and more affordable alternative to outdoor grilling. This article goes into detail about indoor grilling & how you can get started cooking delicious meals indoors.

Methods of Grilling

There are basically two methods of grilling: direct and indirect. Each method is used to produce a very special effect on your food.

Preparing a Quick Grilled Salmon Surprise

Salmon is a common favorite due to its interesting taste and health benefits. It can also be prepared in several ways. This article features one of the ways to prepare salmon.

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