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Panini Grill – For Healthy and Delicious Cooking

Do you like to simplify your cooking at least some of the time and still have a delicious meal on the table? A panini grill might be the way to go.

The Benefits of a Stainless Steel Grill

I was gazing hopelessly at my pitiful rusty outdoor grill. The sides were studded with the beginnings of holes and the red rust marks were, to say the least, ugly as sin. Forget about actually cooking on it – the charcoal would probably fall right through!

So, You Like to Grill? – Wonderful! You Belong Right Here

Grilling… Ah… No other type of cooking gives food such a wonderful smoky flavor as grilling. Not roasting, frying, sauteing, boiling or poaching. Grilling can be done inside or outside, but cooking on your grill outside is absolutely the best. Check this out!

Portable Charcoal Grills on the Uptick Despite Industry Secrecy

The Last three years has seen a noticeable upturn in the popularity of Portable Charcoal Grills according to the April 2009 Weber Grillwatch survey. This is despite a secrecy in the industry that has stalled competition and encouraged the ongoing production of outdated technology.

Grilled Goodness – A Hamburger Done Right

No fast food fare can beat the savory goodness of a home-cooked hot-off-the-grill hamburger. The perfect way to cook a burger is equal parts preparation, experimentation and taste.

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