Easy CARNE CON PAPAS Recipe (Mexican Beef and Potato Stew)

What is With Gas Grills?

Over the years, cooking foods with a gas grill became popular. Many prefer these grills over the charcoal grill. It is because this grill has many advantages and special features that a charcoal grill does not have. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of all grilling is done with a gas grill.

The Future of Grills is Getting Hot

If you enjoy being outdoors and having friends over for a great barbecue then you may have heard about the latest innovation in grilling with infrared technology. While it’s new to us the technology has actually been around for well over a decade and was invented by TEC. But the question on most peoples minds remains, “if you cook with infrared does it still taste like a real steak?

How to Shop For a Compact Grill

Thinking about getting a compact grill? It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have a backyard, or if you just love the idea of hosting your own tailgate barbecue parties. But which one should you get?

Sweet and Sour Chicken Thighs in Gas Grill

Currently Weber gas grills are gaining popularity because of their high quality and smoky taste that people usually prefer and love. These grills have multi features making it unique and trendy.

Common Ingredients and Types of BBQ Sauce Recipes

Getting someone’s BBQ sauce recipes away from them can be almost impossible, but that does not mean you can not take some well-known information and basic know-how to make your own fantastic BBQ sauce. Depending on where you live, certain types of sauces might be more prominent. Specifically, the bases for your regional BBQ may be certain items.

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