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The Turkey That Got Away

Wrought with remorse, I scrapped the turkey into the can. It was nicely sliced, partitioned dark and light, but those who had tasted it, urged me to hurriedly dispose of the meat. I had toiled over the preparation of the bird from the moment I picked it up at the store.

Make Your Own Pizza With Stainless Steel Pizza Ovens

Okay, so we all know that pizza is the world’s best food, right. And we also know that most of us would like to be able to make our favorite food right at home, that’s right too. So, what is it that you need in order to make all our wishes come true? The answer is simple, stainless steel pizza ovens, of course. Can you say, ‘far out’?

Cooking Food With A Charcoal Spit

Cooking food with a charcoal spit is not just an easy way to get taste-tempting, great looking food, but it is also one of the healthiest forms of cooking. Since there is little oil or grease, if any, introduced into the cooking process, calorie and fat content are drastically reduced.

4 Simple Tips To Consider Before You Purchase a Brand New Grill

“What type of grill should I buy?” is most likely the number one question that I get asked quite often. Now, you might think that this post is too late right, the Summer is nearly over, no more grilling!

How To Smoke BBQ On Your Gas Grill

To a lot of foodies and backyard cookers “barbecue” means “smoke kissed” meat. The succulent and flavorful meat just isn’t quite right without a lick of hickory, oak, or mesquite. Smoke flavor in grilling and barbecue isn’t too hard to achieve.

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