Competition Brisket Recipe – How To Smoke Beef Brisket and Burnt Ends

Grilled Fruit Recipes

Instead of using the grill for hot dogs and steaks like you always do, try branching out a little bit by grilling some fruit instead. This article will show you some recipes that involve grilling fruit.

Bradley Smoker – How to Smoke Or Roast Foods Right In Your Own Backyard

Cooking food outside has been around since the cave man days, so I guess it’s a pretty popular way to prepare some of our food. People love the flavor that cooking over a fire produces, and with modern technology, we are also able to enjoy the flavors of food that has been smoked at low temperatures for many hours.

The Best 10 Tips for Smoking Meat and Using BBQ Smokers

In the near future the seasons will change and spring & summer will be here once more. Accordingly, the chance for relaxing outdoors and igniting the grill is just around the corner. You, as a your family’s skilled grill expert, are expected to cook up some mouth-watering, delicious grub.

Weber Charcoal Grill – Top Three Weber Charcoal Grills

Weber is arguably the most respected name in grilling, and Weber charcoal grills are no different. Millions of BBQ enthusiasts around the country swear by its grills. Whether it is for camping or for backyard BBQs, Weber has a grill that fits every need.

5 Essential Qualities of the Best Charcoal Grills

Buying the best charcoal grill can be a tedious and tricky exercise. You may go through all the features, pore over all the specs, but when it comes to performance, the grill might just deliver something else altogether. A lot of people I know tend to look at only the technical features and not at the practical performance, which can vary very wildly.

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