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How to Prepare a Charcoal Grill Fire

So you’re planning on doing some grilling, huh? Well remember, it’s all about the heat, and building your charcoal fire is more than just dumping in the charcoal and dousing them with lighter fluid.

Tips on Buying a New Grill

There’s a new revolution taking place that you might already be a part of. The grilling craze is taking the country by storm and more grills have been sold in the new millennium than houses. With channels like the Food Network meeting our cooking needs 7 days a week, American’s are starting to stay home more and cook. This works out in a few great ways for the person grilling at home.

How to Grill Vegetables

Most people think that the only things they can grill outside on a grill are steaks chicken, and fish, the main course items. You can cook everything on a grill. I’m going to tell you how to cook the vegetables, the side dishes, even the dessert on the grill.

George Foreman Grills

George Foreman makes some of the best indoor-outdoor electric grills on the market. They’re affordable, portable, and high quality products.

Advantages of Grilling on a Gas Grill

Cooking over fire has been something we’ve done as humans since prehistoric man. It’s in our blood to grill a huge hunk of meat over an open fire and reap the rewards of a job well done. As time went on, we became a little more advanced as a society. We now have gas grills that are easy to clean and maintain, light instantly, burn for hours on end without a fuel change. Charcoal grills have also made advancements: they’re bigger now, and look a little more stylish.

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