Beef Rib Rub Throwdown

An Updated Review of the Andrew James Red Electric Barbecue Grill

Are you fed up of those days where you hoped to have a barbecue only to find that the weather lets you down? Or those days that you would like something barbecued but just don’t have the time to mess around preparing the gas or charcoal grill? There is an easy and convenient way to cover both of these eventualities – Get an electric barbecue grill! If you’ve not looked at electric BBQ’s for a while, take the time now! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Are Electric Barbecue Grills Any Good?

If you’re considering buying a barbecue this article may help you to decide which type to choose. Electric BBQ Grills have never been so popular as they are now, and whether you have one as a main unit or a backup you won’t go far wrong. Read on.

Lobsters and Beer On The Beach – A Caribbean Dream

Everyone has dreams but the best is when they come true. This Caribbean dream lobster grilling on the beach is one dream that came true. Toes in the sand and beer in hand, does it get any better than this?

Getting in One Last Summer BBQ Before the Autumn

Now that there is something of a cold chill in the morning air and the kids are back at school, it can only mean one thing; we are now in September. To most of us September signifies the end of the summer and the return of the morning rush-hour. Most importantly, it also represents the end of summer and an unwelcome return to darker evenings.

Smokin’ Sandwiches: 3 Must-Try Summer Barbecue Recipes

In the mood for a fresh and filling sandwich in this weather? Take your grill out and enjoy these recipes perfect for the summer!

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