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8 Winter Grilling Tips

Statistics reveal that many of us who live in the lands of ice and snow now use our grills year-round. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of this interest in winter grilling is that low-fat foods taste great when they’re cooked over a flame. Although the basic principles of grilling apply in every season, there are a few safety considerations that are unique to winter grilling that are important to keep in mind.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

There’s grilled cheese and then there’s grilled cheese! These tips will help to make your next hot cheesy sandwich a gourmet experience.

Pellet Grills – For The Best In Outdoor Barbecues

The pellet grill is a versatile outdoor barbecue. It burns wood pellets instead of gas, propane or charcoal. It is in many ways like a smoker where slow cooking allows for that true barbecue flavor to come through. If it’s time to replace your aging grill or you’re in the market for the first time, you need to look into the pellet grill before you buy.

Five Tips to Improve Your Grill Cooking

Many weekend grillers make some of the same mistakes in trying to make great grilled foods. Here are a few tips that can help bring your grilling to the next level.

Real Men Don’t Use Electric Grills!

Electric Grills are not for sissies. Just give one a chance and you’ll be a believer in them!

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