TEXAS STYLE Smoked Brisket in an Electric Smoker (Masterbuilt Smoker Recipe)

Which Portable Gas Grill Is Right For You?

I love camping and that means I have to have a portable gas grill at my side and that portability element gives me flexibility when I go for a picnic or tailgating too. What features make for a good flexible gas grill and who manufactures them?

The Best Way To Cook Pork Belly

Pork belly is such an under-rated cut of meat and it is also one of the least expensive and most succulent cuts too. This is my favorite way to cook it bar none and it’s ideal for the outdoor cooking enthusiast because the two stage process involves firstly a few hours in the smoker oven and secondly a flash on the grill.

What Makes For A Good Tailgating Grill?

Is there a perfect portable gas grill out there for the tailgaters amongst us? Well to be fair every grill is designed to meet a different need and dependent on yours there will be one for you but how do you prioritise. Here I hope to give you some ideas to help that decision making process.

What Makes A Good Gas Grill Great

When you’re shopping for a new gas grill you’ll no doubt look at all the features and ask yourself which of these features really are of benefit and which are a gimmick. Here I’ll give you the benefit of my experience to help you make the right decision on what is after all a pretty expensive outdoor appliance.

How To Find The Ideal Portable Gas Grill

No doubt you’re reading this trying to add some background to your knowledge of portable gas grills ahead of your buying decision and hopefully I can be of some help to clear the wood from the trees. Aside of the fundamentals I’ll attempt to dig deeper into some of the areas that aren’t as often thought through before making that all important purchase.

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