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Charbroilers Versus Smokers: The Right Piece Of Restaurant Equipment For The Flavor You Desire

To get that back yard BBQ taste you need the right piece of restaurant equipment: It could be a charbroiler or a smoker. A charbroiler cooks hot and fast, while a smoker cooks at a much lower temperature for a longer period of time. The method and style of cooking will determine whether you need a char broiler or a smoker.

What No Home Should Be Without – A Built In Braai!

A built in braai is basically a type of outside/inside fire place with a grill used to cook your meat on and a chimney to let the smoke escape. Yet nothing is ever basic about the braai.

The Function Of Charcoal Briquets In Braai Etiquette

Americans call it a barbecue, Australians call it a “Barbie” in abbreviation, but South Africans have correctly called it a “braai”. Originally from the Afrikaans term braaivleis, the expression braai, isn’t just accepted colloquial English in South Africa, but a hallowed term at that.

Charbroil Table Top Gas Grill Parts Explained

Since Charbroil table top gas grills are very affordable, most people would tend to ignore its maintenance. Thus, the parts deteriorate faster than most types. This type of grill is very versatile, it can cook shrimp skewers, vegetable roasts, kebabs, chicken corn and other types of food.

Large Charcoal Grills

A large charcoal grill is best for home use where a family of more than six resides. Buying a grill this size can be quite a difficult task though, as you would need to canvass the best before going ahead with the purchase. Clearly, you don’t want to buy the very first unit you see just because it’s grand.

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