How To Make Smoked Brisket Made Easy for Beginners Vol. 2

Why Your Outdoor Gas Outdoor Grill Needs a Pad

Whether you do your outdoor grilling on a popularly priced gas outdoor grill or a top-of-the-line, stainless steel model, there are some things that won’t change – messes. Sparks, spills, grease and flare-ups are a given when grilling in your backyard, whether it involves feeding the family or entertaining a large party. Think about the many times you’ve had to clean up those messes that came from grease spilling onto the deck.

What Is Beef Jerky?

Living in America you find beef jerky in abundance as an everyday snack but that’s not the case in other parts of the world. So what is beef jerky, why do we have it and is it possible to make your own?

Can You Really Grill Pork Ribs?

When I first tried to grill pork ribs I found the results to be dry and tough so is it safe to conclude that you can’t grill pork ribs? Well I think you can and in this article I’ll give you the method.

Chicken on the Grill to Lose Weight

You are trying to get fit before summer arrives. You want to look great in your summer shorts and swimming suit. You may spend a lot of time at the lake, pool as well as boating and you do not want to feel uncomfortable due to being overweight. You can exercise, watch what you eat including eating healthy and drinking enough water and sleep.

Fire Up An Electric Smoker For Barbecue Done Right

How many of you think of electricity being involved in the true mastering of barbecued delights? There is a good chance that few of you ever think of this seemingly unique partnership. However, you are definitely missing out on a whole new level of barbecuing if you fail to look into the latest options for this fun style of barbecue. Specifically, there is a very nice variety of electric smokers that make it surprisingly easy to accomplish some absolutely delicious treats that you will have you and your guests licking your chops for more and more.

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