Open Fire Grills: What You Need to Know About Cooking Over Life Fire

Tips on Buying a BBQ Gas Grill

After a long list of must-have kitchen equipment, you look at one item still unchecked- BBQ Gas Grill. But before you shell out a sizable amount of cash and head to the nearest appliance center or hardware store, there are several points that you need to know in buying a gas grill. Of course, the market is full of BBQ gas grill but you still have be sure that don’t just waste your money on a substandard device.

Methods of Cooking and Grilling Deer Meat

Whether in a fireplace, outdoor grill, roasting in an oven or on a spit, sauteing, frying, steaming, “encased” cooking, in a crust, braising, stewing, poaching – Venison will go from raw to cooked. There are 2 main ways of doing this…

8 Tips For a Perfectly Grilled Steak

Many new to grilling can find it confusing and intimidating to try making a steak on the grill. There are many different opinions on the right and wrong way to grill, which only adds to the frustration. Learning these tips and which mistakes to avoid will help you cook the perfect cuts of beef each and every time.

Do You Have the Grill Tools You Need For The Grilling Season?

Grill season is here, there are a few tools for the grill that will be needed, these grill tools include basic tools like, turners, tongs, and forks. Are you ready for the grilling season? Here is some info you may want to read to help you out!

Grilling Tips For Charcoal Grills

Basically there are two types of charcoal grills, the ones that require lighter fluid and the ‘chimney top’ ones. The advantage of the chimney top charcoal grill is that it eliminates the need for lighter fluid and it allows for the charcoal to burn more evenly. It is important to let the fluid burn before placing food on the grill in order to prevent your food from tasting like it.

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