Some Meat Smoking and Grilling Tips

Smoking meat is all about cooking the meat low and slow unlike grilling where grill fare are seared at searing temperatures. If you are truly serious about barbecue and smokey meats, then you need to learn a bit about it.

How to Grill Steaks

For many, there is no greater bliss than a great steak sizzling on the grill. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, or marinated in a litany of different flavors, everyone has their favorite cut and preparation. There are so many ideas on how to prepare beef steaks; it can be confusing as to what are the most important contributors for getting great results when grilling up yours.

Types of Barbecue Grilling

Everyone loves grilled barbecues. It is healthy and very delicious. It could be prepared in different ways.

Getting Ready to Put Some Chicken on the Grill?

With summer right around the corner most of us will be having lots of barbeques with our friends and family in Florida and around the country. We’ll be cooking burgers, hot dogs and chicken every chance we can Well today it’s the chicken that I want to talk to you about.

How to Grill “Greener”

Grilling is synonymous with summer. As the weather heats up, many of us fire up the grill for a barbecue in our backyards or at a local park. On an individual level, our cookouts have a minimal impact on the environment. However, when 60 million people light up their grills on one day – like the Fourth of July – the impacts are noticeable.

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