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Camping and Cooking With Gas Grills

Do you love camping? How about BBQ? This article outlines how to enjoy both at the same time.

How To Prevent Your Gas Grill From Turning Rusty

Most gas grills utilize some kind of metal in its design. These metal parts will eventually turn rusty if you are not taking good care of your grill.

Have More Fun Charcoal Grilling With the Right Accessories

If you want your grilling experiences to be pleasant it helps to have the right accessories for your charcoal grill. Don’t start grilling without the right tools and you have more fun while charcoal grilling your meals.

Rotisserie Grilling: Cooking With a Spit

Rotisserie grilling is a relatively simple method of cooking over an open fire, in which meat is skewered with a spit, and slowly rotated to expose each side to heat. This method is popular with poultry in the US. They are also great when grilling whole hams, leg of lambs and large roasts.

Grilling: Enjoying a Variety of Ingredients

Every one’s grilling habits are going to be a little different. Ask ten friends about their preferred method, and be prepared for fifteen different answers. One of the beautiful things about a grill is its sheer versatility. From rubs to sauces, to oils and spices the possibilities are endless.

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