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3 Grilled Favorites Every Dad Wants to Eat on Father’s Day

So you’re throwing a backyard barbecue for Father’s Day and you’re in charge of the menu. What are you going to serve that guests will enjoy and the star of the occasion will love?

Vital Health Benefits of Grilling Your Food

With warm weather, a lovely Sunday afternoon is incomplete without a BBQ session with friends and family. Though the trend of having a grill machine at homes is only recent, it’s fast becoming a norm.

BBQ Charcoal Starter Kit – What Everyone Needs To Know This Summer

The BBQ charcoal starter kit is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make the most of the outdoors this summer season. When it comes to having friends over and lighting the BBQ, one of the hardest things is to get good coals. Usually you will find some will burn faster than others and before you know it the entire day is gone, you have a group of hungry and grumpy children and you are still waiting for the coals to be just right so you can cook the food.

Some Exciting Tips to Setup Barbeque at Your Backyard

With summer knocking at the doors, the craze of under sky cooking is hitting as the prime trend among the food addicts. But, a well-designed outdoor kitchen will be equally suitable for a year-round cooking experience. An outdoor cooking substitute is as good as an indoor kitchen. It is the second happening living room of your house. However, Barbeque world is stuffed with pretty serious arguments. Gas or Charcoal? Mop or brush? With so many varieties in vogue, it sometimes becomes quite confusing for the house owner to set up a flexible and well equipped under sky cooking zone. Here are some expert tips, which will help you to start an esteemed external cooking area.

Grilling Tips – What to Know Before Grilling Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is dense and extremely flavorful fish that lends itself well to grilling. This particular fish is becoming more and more popular in grocery stores, fish markets and by sports fisherman alike. Read on for recipes and tips about the best ways to cook Mahi Mahi (sometimes called Dolphin fish) on the outdoor grill.

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