Hump Day BBQ CHAT – Food Truck Update

George Foreman Champ Grill – The Perfect Solution For Cooking Scrumptious Dinners For 1 Or 2 People

There is an endless amount of tasty grilled foods you can cook using a George Foreman grill. To cook a small amount of food like one hamburger or one chicken leg is just too over the top using the normal size foreman grills.

George Foreman Grill Steak – How to Cook a Juicy Healthy Steak at Home Fast

Steaks are a very popular option and very tasty, but to grill them by ourselves is not always that much fun or practical so steak houses or restaurants are sometimes the only alternatives. Well, don’t get me wrong restaurant steaks are very nice but also expensive and sometimes there is something about preparing steaks ourselves that really hits the sweet spot.

George Foreman Electric Grills – The Perfect Solution For Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

The portable electric grill was endorsed by boxing champion George Foreman and marketed by a company named Salton during 1999. With their slogan “knock out the fat”, this portable electric grill`s sales and popularity, now known as the George foreman grill has jumped through the roof. The company and George commercialized this grill as an affordable and healthy means of grilling.

Ultimate Grilling Accessories

Often, when searching for a grill people realize that they did not consider all of the available features, and probably have never even known they existed. It can get almost confusing when one tries to tackle all of the available grill features and determine what features you want.

The Amazing Varieties of Grills – Classified Based on Where They Are Used

Grills are classified on the basis of their use. Read all about these classifications.

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